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Model R-4344



The R-4344 sample draw system is designed to measure the level of toxic gases in confined spaces where the atmosphere is too hot, too wet or too dusty for traditional diffusion sensors.  The R-4344 combines a state of the art gas monitor with a long-life DC brushless sample pump, stainless steel coalescing filter with optional automatic moisture drain, adjustable flow meter, low flow warning switch, optional audible and visual warning devices, convenient calibration gas inlet and built-in 110/220 VAC power supply.  Both wired and wireless outputs are available.

Tox Gas Monitor

The state-of-the-art toxic gas monitor provides a high contrast backlit graphic display that shows real-time engineering units as well as 30 minute trend data.  Flashing LEDs draw immediate attention to alarm conditions.  An internal real-time clock and event log time-stamps calibration and alarm events for later review, while the menu-driven operator interface eliminates all analog potentiometers and allows easy set-up and calibration using only a magnetic wand.  An integrated Run/Calibrate valve and user prompted calibration procedure make routine maintenance and field ‘bump tests’ quick and easy.

Designed for Hostile Environments

Highly corrosive gasses, especially when combined with moisture and elevated temperatures often found in wastewater and water treatment plants, can be problematic.  The R-4344 is designed with stainless steel or inert materials throughout for reduced maintenance costs and increased reliability.  The coalescing filter and optional peristaltic drain pump effectively eliminate the moisture buildup typically found in these applications.

Output Options

The R-4344 offers a single 4-20mA current loop and 3x SPDT alarm relays.  Wireless outputs include both 900Mhz and 2.4Ghz MODBUS modems compatible with ToxGas Ranger Series receiver/controllers.  Point-to-point wireless with remote 4-20mA output and flow warning relay also available.