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Model R-4659


This single point multigas sample draw system is designed to measure the level of toxic gases in confined spaces where the atmosphere is too hot, too wet or too dusty for traditional diffusion sensors. The R-4659 supports up to five separate electrochemical, infrared or photo ionization sensors in a compact NEMA 4x wall mount enclosure designed for interior or exterior mounting. The R-4659 comes standard with three open collector alarm outputs and an RS-485 serial MODBUS slave interface. An optional coalescing filter and automatic drain pump allows the R-4659 to pull samples from hot or wet locations while maintaining accuracy and long sensor life.

Easy to install, Easy to use

The R-4659 MultiGas Sample Draw is a completely self-contained unit with integrated filter, sample pump, flow meter, sensor manifold and calibration gas port. The high resolution LCD display shows calibrated engineering units with numeric values as well as analog-style bar graph displays. Senor calibration is quick and easy thanks to front-panel controls and user-prompter calibration procedures. A clear hinged cover protects the LCD display, Run/Calibrate valve, cal gas port and flow meter from dust and moisture while allowing users to visually monitor readings, alarm LED indicators and sample flow rates.

Reliability in Hostile Environments

The R-4659 MultiGas Sample Draw includes a 1.0 liter per minute pump that is constantly monitored by the on-board microprocessor. Pump speed is adjustable via the display, and in the event of a pump failure or sample-line blockage, a Pump Error warning is shown on the display and indicated in the MODBUS database. In addition to monitoring pump current, the R-4659 also includes integrated sensors that measure ambient temperature and atmospheric pressure. Current temperature and pressure are shown on the display and stored in the MODBUS database.

Multiple Output Options

Standard outputs include three solid-state switched outputs with a maximum of 1A (each) load and an RS-485 compatible MODBUS slave interface. Optional outputs include a five channel 4-20mA output board and 900Mhz or 2.4Ghz wireless MODBUS modems that are compatible with ToxGas Tanger Series Alarms and Display Controllers.


The R-4659 MultiGas Monitor carries a two year warranty on electronics and one year warranty on sensors.