Services and Support


Ranger Analytics, Inc. provides first class customer service by offering integration of its principals’ products as a value-added service.

Gas Detection

The primary equipment and services provided by RAI include: gas analyzers, sample gas conditioning systems, probes, sample lines, calibration gases, data acquisition and reporting systems, CEMS (sole-source suppliers), portable stack gas analyzers and stack testing services.

Emissions Monitoring

Ranger Analytics, Inc. is dedicated to providing a quality, compliant and cost effective monitoring program for our clients. It is with this focus that we are able to create a program that will ensure compliance with State and Federal Regulation requirements. Our technicians are trained to sample any equipment that is in Hydrocarbon service with the latest and most accurate equipment and technology available.

Site Assessments

Early warning of the ignition of these gases, before it becomes a significant threat, can bring a potentially catastrophic situation under control.

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