RAI Services and Support

RAI is a full service analyzer, gas detection, integration and sales company with emphasis on the petrochemical, refining, power, maritime and water/ wastewater treatment markets through out the United States.

Services and Support

Emissions Trailer

Analyzers Systems

24/7 call outs and emergency call outs with system health reports to help ensure your units are running efficiently.

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IMG_20200805_152248 Prime Control H2S

Gas Detection Systems

RAI offers a complete Toxic Gas Detection and Monitoring System for laboratory vent hood and safety applications.

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RAI Integration

Where we bring all of your systems needs into a simple turnkey system.

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Mobile Emissions

RAI creates mobile emissions trailers that will ensure compliance with State and Federal Regulation requirements.

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PetroChem Flare 1

Site Assessment

Early warning of the ignition of these gases, before it becomes a significant threat, can bring a potentially catastrophic situation under control.

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RAI offers world class installations of both analyzer and gas detection systems.

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Service and Maintenance Contracts

Ranger Analytics is here not only the for the bad times, when systems are having issues, but also the good ones. We offer service contracts to make sure your systems are operating as designed. With an RAI's Service Agreement, our Clients have the confidence and peace of mind knowing that their facility is operating at it's maximum potential and, more importantly, safe. Other benefits include:

  • Monthly, Quarterly, Bi-Annual, Annually Inspections
  • Custom Maintenance Plans
  • Regular Calibrations of Equipment
  • Phone and On-site Support

At Ranger Analytics, we strive to provide our clients with a system that limits downtime and provides maximum efficiency. Our technicians are available 24/7 to provide you with peace of mind. Please use the information below to contact one of our many qualified technicians about your service needs.

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